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Our Team

We have a diverse team with experience in microbiology, neurobiology, bioinformatics, and law supported by our team of scientific advisors with expertise in probiotics, software, venture capital, and consumer genomics. Our team has full-scale operational capabilities to execute multi-disciplinary solutions for testing the microbiota and for the micro-manufacturing of precision probiotics.

Sunny Jain, M.S.

Chief Executive Officer

Shirin Treadwell, M.S.

Scientific Liaison

Thibaut Montagne, M.S.

Head of Software

Divya Nair, Ph.D.

Head of Microbiology

Scott Moon, M.B.A.

Director of Finance

Jesse LakeYoungberg

Director of Technical Operations

Summer Dietsche

Formulation Scientist

Megan Nadji

Product Manager

Joann Phan, PhD

Data Scientist and Lab Supervisor

Ernesto Oliveros

Manufacturing Specialist

Gerardo Acosta

Manufacturing Specialist

Cameron Dickerson

Customer Relations Manager

Liam McNulty

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alexander Bethea

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Kelsey Blanchard

Research Associate II

Heather Klepfer

Provider Relations + Clinical Sales

Fernando Acosta

Manufacturing Specialist

Matteo Provasi

Quality Engineer

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Jack Gilbert, Ph.D.

Professor at University of California San Diego

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Dirk Van Den Boom, Ph.D.

President and CEO of Juno Diagnostics

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John Engelhardt, Ph.D.

R&D, Publication, and Collaboration

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Philip Cotter, Ph.D.

Principal and Co-Founder at ResearchDx. Former Clinical Lab Director at Illumina

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Saurabh Gombar, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Instructor and Board Certified Pathologist at Stanford Health Care

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Jordan Mazur, MS, RD

Coordinator of Performance Nutrition for an NFL sports team

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