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Collection Instructions

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  1. Put on gloves. Lift your toilet cover and seat.
  2. Unfold collector pad, peel tape and adhere to toilet allowing for a little slack.
  3. Place toilet seat down. Begin bowel movement, taking care not to wet collector.
COLLECT Sample 1 & 2
  1. Open the empty tube, collect pea size amount of sample onto the swab by swiping across the surface of the sample. DO NOT SCOOP.
  2. Be sure add enough sample to the max fill line provided on the tube.
  3. Carefully place swab back into the tube and seal the lid tightly. Repeat steps a and b with the liquid filled tube.
  4. Drop the soiled collector pad into the toilet and let sit for 5 minutes before flushing.
Stool Collection Instructions - Wand and Foam Pad
  1. Ensure tube lids are closed tight to avoid leaks in transit. Place both tubes into the white pouch and seal.
  2. Place the white pouch in prepaid mailer and drop off in your mailbox or any USPS location.
  3. Once we receive your sample, we will notify you via email.
Remember to register your product (even if this isn't your first sample).
Stool Sample Collection Instruction - Return, Wand, Tubes, Pouch, Mailer
Floré Stool Sample Collection Instructions
Floré Stool Sample Collection Instructions (Research Edition)

If you need additional help in how to do the collection, please call us at (661) 888-4799 or email customerservice@sungenomics.com.

A few things to know before you go...

  • I am currently taking antibiotics, when should I test?
Please wait 3-5 days after completing your antibiotics.
  • Should I stop taking my current medications,supplements, and/or probiotics before providing a sample?
You do not need to change your current routine. In fact, we prefer to analyze your gut in real time. Just remember to not consume alcohol for 24 hours before testing and wait to test if you are currently taking antibiotics.
  • How much sample should I provide?
Stay within the min/max fill lines provided on the tube. If the tube contains a liquid, be careful not to spill the liquid. That liquid solution is critical to preserve the stool sample.
  • What should I do if I make a mistake during collection?
No worries! Email customerservice@sungenomics.com or call us at (661) 888-4799 and we will ship you a replacement right away, free of charge.
  • How do I return my sample?
Drop your sample using the included pre-paid mailer in your mailbox or at any USPS location. DO NOT use Fedex or UPS.
  • Do I need to refrigerate or freeze my sample before mailing?
If you are unable to mail your sample within 24 hours, seal it and place it in your refrigerator until you are able to send it via USPS
  • How long is my sample good for in transit?
Your sample is good for 1 week in transit.
  • What’s included in your Box?
Components Components may vary based on product purchased.
  • Have more questions regarding the collection process?
Watch the video directions at , or reach out to us and we will be happy to answer any questions!