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Sun Genomics has partnered with Arizona State University’s Autism/Asperger’s Research Program and the Biodesign Institute.

Through this partnership, Sun Genomics will share its findings on the potential connection between the gut microbiome and Autism using our product, Floré (Research Edition).

Floré Precision Probiotics combines whole genome sequencing with custom formulated probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome.

3-Month Supply

Floré Research Edition

Price: $350

Suitable for those on the Autism Spectrum. For this study, we ask that you commit to at least 2 rounds of custom probiotics and participate in weekly surveys as you’ll be a part of furthering Autism research.

As part of this study, the participant will take custom probiotics for at least 6 months and will take 2 microbiome gut tests ($700 total). You will also be eligible to receive up to $50 off the second purchase if you complete the requested surveys.

Our Floré probiotics are 100% natural, vegan (by request), gluten-free, non-GMO, and formulated without preservatives. Probiotics must be refrigerated.

You must qualify to be able to participate in this study. Qualifications:
  • Participant must be clinically diagnosed with ASD by a medical professional (must provide official documents)
  • Participant must have not taken antibiotics in last 2 months
  • Participant must have not taken probiotics for at least 2 months
  • Participant must not have any changes in medications, nutritional supplements, therapies, in the last two months, or any plans to change them during the first 3 months of probiotic treatment.
3-Month supply Automatic renewal Comes in powder or pill form

The Gut Microbiome and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Recent scientific research indicated that between 30 and 50% of all people with autism suffer from chronic gastrointestinal (GI) problems.(1) This chronic discomfort can cause irritability, decrease attention and learning, and negatively impact behavior. Floré provides customers with custom formulated probiotics specifically crafted to assist these types of GI issues.

The team of researchers at Arizona State University compared the differences in the microbiome of children with autism and other typically developing children and found that children with autism had lower levels of gut diversity. What’s more is that researchers found the gut microbiome of children with autism had lower level of certain helpful bacteria, including Bifidobacteria and Prevotella.

Watch the videos from renowned ASU experts; Dr. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown and Prof. James Adams, Ph.D. to learn more.

(1) https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/04/190409093725.htm

What is Floré?

Sun Genomics’ first product, Floré, is the only probiotic with the critical secret ingredient to ensure it works. That secret ingredient is you. Floré, combines gut microbiome DNA analysis with precision probiotics custom formulated based on a persons’ unique DigestiveDNA™.

The customer’s microbiome journey begins when they register for the customer portal and receive their microbiome sampling kit. Once the customer provides a stool sample, Sun Genomics’ scientists extract the DNA and apply our patented methodology to create a formula for custom probiotics tailored to your specific needs. The customer then receives a three-month supply of precision probiotics manufactured in our GMP facility, as well as their Microbiome Analysis Report through an online customer interface which allows you to discover exactly what microbes you have living in your gut.


Order Your Gut Health Test

We've made it easy for you to order your own gut test kit. Simply access our website or our app to start your journey to a healthy gut.

Complete Sampling

Your gut test includes easy-to-follow instructions and all the tools you will need. There is even a link to a helpful video. First step, collect a micro-stool sample from the comfort of your own home and send it back to the Sun Genomics laboratory. Your custom gut probiotics will ship 45 days after we receive your sample.

Analyze Your Gut Sample

Our scientists will extract DNA from your gut sample and sequence your gut microflora using our patented techniques. After sequencing, we will send you your test results online. Here you will discover a comprehensive gut analysis highlighting all the microbiota communities within your gut (digestive tract). Sun Genomics’ scientists use this information to craft custom gut probiotics made of good bacteria to help you be gut healthy

Receive Custom Probiotics

After we finish analyzing your gut microflora, your floré custom gut probiotics will be sent, cold shipped, straight to your front door. Your gut probiotics are high CFU/g (Colony Forming Unit per gram), proven to survive the gastric system, and fortified with natural nutrients to feed your gut microflora. Welcome to a lifestyle of Floré.

Our Story

Sun Genomics was founded by CEO, Sunny Jain in 2016 and the Company's story began with the birth of his son. When his son began suffering from GI distress, Sunny went to find a probiotic. Standing in front of the probiotic aisle i.e. the "Wall of Confusion", Sunny quickly realized there wasn't a probiotic solution available. This is because his son's gut e.g. microbiome is unique. Instead of choosing a supplement at random, Sunny took tons off the shelf that day and instead of going home, he went to the lab and began testing probiotics, sequencing his son's microbiome, and researching strains that best matched his son's microbiome analysis. This is our story.

Shipping Information

Our Floré probiotics are living micro-organisms designed to flourish in your digestive tract. When we ship them to you, they come in a cooler as well with a cold pack to keep them at an optimal temperature, so they’re comfortable.

We have run several rigorous testing to understand the survivability of the strains under different temperature levels. Most probiotic strains can endure temperatures up to 112 F for short periods of time and are perfectly happy at a body temperature of 98 F with the proper nutrient supply your body gives them. Prolonged exposure to non-refrigerated temperatures for 7 days or greater may reduce your product’s potency and efficacy.

So if your probiotics arrive slightly warm (especially during the warmer seasons), don’t panic; they’re still safe to digest. Just make sure you refrigerate them once you receive your package.