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Sun Genomics puts science first with its own CLIA lab, use of cutting-edge Whole Genome Sequencing technology, and patented bioinformatic pipeline to interpret the trillions of microbes in your gut.

You Are a Symphony of Microbes

The gut microbiome is the collection of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microscopic organisms found in your gut.


You are more microbe than human

The microbiome consists of trillions of microbes which outnumbers human cells in the body approximately 10 to 1.

No two microbiomes are the same

Even in identical twins, research shows that the gut micribiome can vary and is now considered as unique as the human fingerprint.

Understanding the unique nature of the microbiome is the future of human health.

The Precision Sequencing Needed to Create Probiotics Specifically for You

Understanding and identifying the method for microbiome analysis is a critial first step in identifying and administering a gut health solution. The evolution of such technology has shown that Whole Genome Sequencing, utilized by Sun Genomics, consistently provides the most robust and in-depth level of data including interpretation of individual microbes and uncovering strain level variances between organisms.

Methods of Microbiome Analysis

Amplicon Sequencing

16s & 18s Sequencing

In amplicon sequencing, regions within the 16S or 18S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene are amplified and sequenced. Bacteria have the 16S rRNA gene while eukaryotes and fungi have the 18S rRNA gene. These regions are highly conserved and allow taxonomic identification at the phylum or genera level, but is less precise at the species level.


Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole genome sequencing allows the detection of all genomic components within a biological sample, adding an additional level of clarity to taxonomic classification down to the species and strain levels and annotation of potential metabolic processes. This method effectively identifies and profiles bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites simultaneously and enables microbial gene profiling that facilitates microbiome functional studies.level of clarity to sequencing -- down to the individual species level.

Microbiome Methods 16S WGS flore Technology
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