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What is microbiome health? Your gut microbiome is composed of trillions of microbes that can be helpful, harmful, or neutral. Pathogenic, or disease-promoting, microbes can contribute to conditions like depression, IBS, IBD, leaky gut, and chronic fatigue. Symbiotic microbes can benefit you in a multitude of ways, including boosting your immune system and improving your digestive health. Diversifying and balancing the bacteria in your gut with a tailored probiotic is a key way to take action in promoting good microbiome health.

There is so much to learn about how your gut bacteria interacts with your body, including your brain, and how supplementing with precision probiotics can improve your health and wellness. Get started with one of our blog posts below.

Top 35 Vegan Foods Rich in Zinc

Top 35 Vegan Foods Rich in Zinc

Zinc is important for many functions in the body, like healing wounds, producing DNA, and supporting good digestion. But it can be hard getting enough on a plant-based diet. So to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 35 vegan foods chock-full of zinc.
SIBO and Acne: How Gut Health Impacts Your Skin

SIBO and Acne: How Gut Health Impacts Your Skin

When your mornings are spent tending to your acne—popping pimples, squeezing zits, and applying topical creams—it can be really frustrating, not to mention time-consuming. But that’s not even the worst of it. What’s really discouraging is how unattractive all your acne makes you feel.

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