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Newsletter - May 2018

May 03, 2018

Sun Genomics is a microbiome health company creating precision probiotics. Our first product, FLORÉ, uses next-generation whole genome sequencing to evaluate and analyze your microbial DNA and tailor a probiotic to specifically match your unique microbiome profile.


What’s New at Sun Genomics?

HLTH Conference

Sun Genomics attended the first annual HLTH Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada where they were able to participate in Startup Street and present during HLTH’s Tech Talks. We also had an opportunity to engage hundreds of conference attendees and gained several new FLORÉ customers.

CEO, Sunny Jain at #HLTH 2018, Sun Genomics with Illumina CEO Francis
de Souza and Head of Business Operations Merrilyn Datta.

San Diego Venture Group’s Up & Coming Companies

Sun Genomics was excited to participate in SDVG’s Up & Coming Companies event. It was a great opportunity to re-connect with the San Diego startup community and meet with so many supporters of up and coming companies.

Praneeth and David manning the booth at
SDVG’s Up & Coming Companies


Microbe of the Month: Streptococcus thermophilus

It is believed that S. thermophilus has been used since the domestication of animals (for some 10,000 years). It has a number of attributes that make it a useful probiotic for humans. S. thermophilus has the distinction of being one of the most consumed organisms in fermented food and probiotics, with it being present in the millions of tons of yogurt and cheese produced each year. Do you have Streptococcus thermophilus in your microbiome?

Say Hello to a Team Member!

Neal Gidvani

The only full-time non-scientist on the team, Neal is a recovering corporate lawyer that officially joined Sun Genomics in December of 2017. Neal provides oversight of business and product development and helped with the redesign for FLORÉ version 2.0. Finally, he works closely with Sunny developing key business relationships to help further Sun Genomics’ customer base.

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