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Newsletter - April 2018

April 03, 2018

Sun Genomics is a microbiome health company creating precision probiotics. Our first product, FLORÉ, uses next-generation whole genome sequencing to evaluate and analyze your microbial DNA and tailor a probiotic to specifically match your unique microbiome profile.

What’s New at Sun Genomics?

Indie Bio Demo Day

On April 17, 2018, Sun Genomics participated in Indie Bio’s Demo Day in San Francisco, California. Eight members of our team came to show their support for the CEO, Sunny Jain, as he presented to a capacity crowd of over 1,000 investors, biotech luminaries, and industry professionals. Click here to watch the full pitch. In addition, hundreds of people lined up to learn about FLORÉ, which lead to over 30 sales in less than 2 hours.


The Sun Genomics team celebrates after a successful Demo Day.

CEO Sunny Jain, preparing for Demo Day while David Chen and Praneeth Kandula manage the display.


Interview with Simulation Series

As part of the Demo Day festivities, Sunny sat down with Simulation Series to discuss Sun Genomics and the importance of microbiome health as it relates to chronic conditions and disease.

Click here to learn more about how your diet can impact your microbiome.

Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market

One of the central tenants of Sun Genomics is its commitment to the community. Recently, our team participated in the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market where team members, Praneeth Kandula and Shirin Treadwell, chatted with potential customers and educated community members about FLORÉ and gut health.



Microbe of the Month: Lactobacillus acidophiluscripps

This bacteria is present in the human intestinal tract. As normal flora, it helps to prevent overgrowth of harmful bacteria by maintaining an acidic environment. Acidophilus is considered to be a probiotic because it helps the body maintain or restore its normal balance of helpful bacteria. The strain is used to manufacture fermented milk products like yogurt. Generally considered to be beneficial because it produces vitamin K, lactase, and other antimicrobial substances when ingested.


Say Hello to a Team Member!

Burcu Buyuksonmez

Burcu is our Supply Chain and Logistics Manager and is the newest member of the team. Burcu graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University with a Business Administration and Management degree and has extensive experience in managing global supply chain and logistics with a background in the medical device and biotech industry. She is an innovative problem solver with a strong skill set in operations, business development, inventory management, and purchasing. She also has experience as a logistics coordinator creating import and export procedures. She is an outstanding leader and a great asset to our team.







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