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Non-Member Retest: Floré Gut Health Test Kit

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Non-Member Retest: Floré Gut Health Test Kit
Get to know your gut. Our gut health test can detect over 23,000 microbes in your gut, including bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites, and viruses. With the use of whole genome sequencing technology, we can detect these down to the strain level as well as the relative abundance of each microbe. Use your report to find out which foods and supplements are best for you or upgrade to our Precision Probiotics for your custom gut health solution.

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Giving Back

We are delighted to provide a portion of our proceeds to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding cures for Crohn's & Colitis and improving the quality of those living with these diseases. To learn more about the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, please visit their website:

 Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

What is Gut Microbiome Testing?

The gut microbiome is the DNA of all the microbes of your gut sample. The microbial cells that house this DNA are collectively called your microbiota. You have trillions of microbial cells that make up your microbiota and the DNA extracted from these cells is your microbiome. Microbial cells include bacteria, yeast, fungi, viruses, and other parasites.

How Do I Test My Microbiome?

To test your gut microbiome you can order our simple at home collection kit to send in a stool sample to our lab in San Diego. The kit comes with simple instructions on how to collect a sample and here is a short video. Once you return your sample to our lab we can begin the process of isolating the DNA from the microbiota. You'll then receive an analysis of your microbiome in our mobile app and online web portal.

How Can I Tell Which is the Best Microbiome Test?

The best gut health test is one that offers a full spectrum microflora analysis and includes full HD resolution scanning of over 23,000 microbes including probiotics, viruses, phages, and fungi. Think of it like watching your favorite movie, sports team, or show on tv. Would you prefer watching it with 1080p resolution or 5K UHD? Our whole genome sequencing gut test results will show you your bacteria all the way down to the species level, so you know you're getting the best resolution.

What’s Included With Your Purchase

Gut Microbiome Test Kit

Our kit includes both a snapshot and long-term sampling process allowing for better analysis of your gut health. Clear instructions in your kit tell you how to self-sample. It's fast and private, and takes place in the comfort of your home. After you collect your sample, stick it in the prepaid envelope and drop it in the nearest mailbox.

Full Gut Microbiome Test Analysis

Your gut health analysis will include the interpretation of the trillions of microbes inside your gut, custom key objectives for your health, diet and lifestyle recommendations. As well as five unique scores related to the health of your gut microflora including; overall health, joint health, and longevity.


Once you have reviewed the data from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis, you can contact customerservice@sungenomics.com to upgrade to customized probiotics designed from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit data. Probiotics designed from your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis will help drive down the unhealthy microbes of your gut and replenish it with beneficial microbes like our probiotics. These probiotics help when your Gut Microbiome Test Kit analysis had identified overgrowth (SIBO), pathogenic microbes, key organism deficiencies, or poor gut diversity.

Shipping Information

We ship throughout the US and internationally. We'll begin your order by shipping you a sample collection kit so we can analyze your specific Digestive DNA. Once we complete the analysis of the trillions of microbes in your gut, we will ship precision probiotics straight to your door in special packaging designed to keep your probiotics cool.

Our Floré probiotics are living micro-organisms designed to flourish in your digestive tract. When we ship them to you, they come in a cooler as well with a cold pack to keep them at an optimal temperature, so they’re comfortable.

We have run several rigorous testing to understand the survivability of the strains under different temperature levels. Most probiotic strains can endure temperatures up to 112 F for short periods of time and are perfectly happy at a body temperature of 98 F with the proper nutrient supply your body gives them. Prolonged exposure to non-refrigerated temperatures for 7 days or greater may reduce your product’s potency and efficacy.

So if your probiotics arrive slightly warm (especially during the warmer seasons), don’t panic; they’re still safe to digest. Just make sure you refrigerate them once you receive your package.