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Floré Research Edition

Floré Research Edition

$350 every 3 months

Take care of your gut health by using this Floré Research Edition.

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Floré Research for adults
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Why Choose a Subscription?

recieve new custom probiotics with each new report

recieve new custom probiotics with each new report

Free Reformulation

free reformulations until you see an improvement

free and easy cancellation

free and easy

After 3 Months on Floré


81% of Customers Reported Improvement in Immunity

Increase in Energy

83% of Customers Reported Increase in Energy

Leaky Gut

87% of Customers Reported Relief from Bloating, Gas, SIBO, Leaky Gut, & Other Digestive Issues

 Better Food Tolerance

80% of Customers Reported Better Food Tolerance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the microbiome?

The microbiome is the collection of all the microbes and their corresponding set of genes. Sun Genomics focuses on the microbiome located in the gut. A common misconception is that all these microbes are bad for you, but that is not true; microbes play an integral role in aiding the body's immunological, nutritional, and metabolic functions.

When can I expect to see results?

It's important to note that every person is different in both their gut profile as well as their reaction to probiotics. Therefore everyone's results and reaction time is a variable that we cannot predict. What we can predict is that your overall health will improve. If you don't feel moderate to significant improvement in your digestive symptoms within the first month of your custom formulation, please email customer service at customerservice@sungenomics.com so that they can look into a possible reformulation. We want to make sure your custom probiotics are working for you.

Does my gut microbiome change?

Your microbiome is always subject to change: if you take antibiotics, have a severe illness, or even change your diet, your gut microbiome may change. We provide you monthly probiotics and you can opt to re-test every 4 months of probiotics.

How does international shipping work?

We ship the collection kit from our San Diego, CA location via FedEx International. We include the pre-paid return label for you to drop your stool sample off with FedEx for return to our lab. We also send the probiotics in a batch with a cold-pack via FedEx International. You can except your shipment within a week or so of shipping. The probiotics are shipped with a cold pack, but will be room temperature by the time you receive them—that is perfectly normal! They are good outside refrigeration for 30 days.